The Ultimate Centerpiece

Create a game room unlike any other. A Mars Made billiards table will enhance the feel of your entire space. As with all of our game tables, each piece is handcrafted by a select group of artisans ready to create a piece to meet your specific needs.

All Mars Made billiards tables are available in both an 8-foot home size and 9-foot championship size. The tables are constructed from a combination of machined solid aircraft aluminum, carbon steel, carbon fiber and incorporate other specialty materials such as polished concrete and brushed stainless steel. Mars Made billiards tables are incredible centerpieces for any modern game room, and are sure to make a lasting impression. All of our billiards tables meet or exceed the standards set by the Billiards Congress of America. We use only championship-caliber materials including 1-inch slate, premium worsted wool billiards cloth and K66 gum rubber rails for the playing surfaces.
Create a space that is truly unique. Explore the possibilities of Mars Made billiards tables.